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Here you’ll find all the music scores we wrote, plus some music scores we took from other arrangers.

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Our home-made music scores

Our Zelda Spirit Tracks orchestral piece: Spirit Tracks Unleashed.

Jumpman’s music booklet, to play his songs on the recorder:

Several guitar scores, by Jumpman:

Several piano scores, by Robinhood:

Other scores

On Stamen47’s website, you’ll find many guitar tabs, such as Chrono Trigger: 600 A.D. and Mario 64: Dire Dire Dock that Jumpman plays in his videos.

Jumpman’s Final Fantasy guitar arrangements are taken from the book Final Fantasy Guitar Solo Collection.

The guitar tabs for Tetris Theme C arranged by Justin Lincoln are available on

Guitar tabs for Studio Ghibli soundtracks are available on Amazon Japan. The book is entitled ソロギターのしらべ スタジオジブリ作品集 (ISBN4-8456-1237-2).