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Robinhood strikes back with two Twilight Princess covers!

Wednesday, September 28 2011

Seems like it was a good idea to send my Zelda Twilight Princess OST to Robinhood!

Indeed, your favorite pianist (I tell you, he is) seems quite inspired by the musics from this game. Last week, he worked on two covers from it. But this time, Robinhood is not alone: he is accompanied by… Robinhood, yes, another form of himself, an expert violinist, or at least, when it’s about playing the violins part with a synthesizer.

So these two Robinhoods perform, as a piano + chords band, the peaceful theme of Ordon ranch, and the beautiful music of lake Hylia, the one he (I mean Robinhood, the pianist one) already played on his medley. But for this new video, you’ll hear some improvements on the arrangement and a cleaner performance, plus the violins. Some nice video editing by Jumpman makes the whole thing look even better. What more could you ask for?

Also, just wanted to point out that I updated the site so that you can react to the articles and videos now! So tell you what you think in the comments, we are eager to see what you have to tell us!


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Just for change…

Saturday, September 24 2011

New videos which have nothing to do with Mario and Zelda? Is that possible? Actually, the two last additions from last week don’t cover Nintendo themes.

In the first place, Jumpman and Robinhood are pleased to show you the fruit of their joint work from last summer: a duet on Street Fighter 2, Vega theme! Equipped as we were, with a trumpet and a guitar, the choice of Hispanic music was quite obvious… Our arrangement was inspired from the OneUps, a rock/jazz game music cover band who made a great version of this song. With the help of our friend Touffy, we did some nice video editing we hope you’ll enjoy. Head to the Duets section to watch it.

Another new stuff which actually isn’t new: Jumpman’s self-duet on Banjo-Kazooie. It was published on YouTube long ago, but we forgot to post it here at the time.

We take this opportunity to announce that Jumpman reached 200 fans on his Facebook page! Also, Jumpman will have 3000 YouTube subscribers soon, and Robinhood is not far from 4000. That’s really impressive, we are proud to have so much support from you guys. So thank you for your support, it’s very encouraging, and we hope to please you again with our videos for a long time to come!

We have busy lives, but we’re not getting enough of making videos! Currently Jumpman is working on four new covers, and Robinhood is preparing a huge one. That’s without taking count of our next duet. So stay tuned! A new tool is at your disposal now: the newsletter. Click the link in the left column, provide your e-mail address, and you’ll never miss any of our future additions. See you soon!

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Super Mario 3D trailer theme, by Jumpman

Wednesday, July 27 2011

I wasn’t lying when I said a new video would come quickly!

Here is an arrangement from a game which has yet to ship: Super Mario 3D. You may have heard of it if you followed the E3 announcements in June. The game should be released at the end of the year.

I played this song as a musical backing for the trailer, so I had to keep the rhythm. Not easy, as it is very technical. But it’s still very pleasant to play! I hope you will be equally pleased. Anyway, it’s a kind of exclusivity, as very few Internet users have sent an arrangement for this song yet.

Once again, you’ll find it in the section Jumpman > Mario.


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Super Mario Bros. Water Theme, by Jumpman

Sunday, July 17 2011

I was playing this song just for fun, and soon I realized it would make a great video. This quiet and relaxing waltz sounds nice on my guitar, and its simplicity allowed me to add some variations. The video has just been added, in the section Jumpman > Mario.

I have some other work in progress, so a few new videos may come rather quickly in the next few days. That would make a nice change from my bad habits!


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Jumpman and Robinhood have got their domain name!

Sunday, July 03 2011 is open!

It’s been 4 years since Jumpman’s Domain was created. It had always been hosted at Now, the site has changed, benefiting from a full overhaul last year and the inclusion of Robinhood’s works. Given our growing success, the first thing we had yet to do is getting our own domain name. Now it’s done! Additionally, we now have our own dedicated server.

Concerning content, Jumpman is preparing new stuff for the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

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Robinhood plays Golden Sun, Jumpman plays Mario

Sunday, April 17 2011

On the same model as my Yoshi’s Island cover last year, I’m adding today an arrangement of New Super Mario Bros. (DS and Wii) main theme.. I put in it some passages of the Athletic version, and a second guitar part.

As for Robinhood, he made a superb cover of the Vale theme from Golden Sun. Watch it in the Robinhood > Other games section.

I took advantage of this to make some minor improvements on the site. Sections associated to Robinhood have been reorganized (sothat I could put Golden Sun somewhere), and now the videos are compatible with Internet Explorer 9.
If you encounter some issue with the site, don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll have to specify the nature of the bug, as well as your browser’s name and version.


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New banner, new videos

Wednesday, December 15 2010

After several months, we’re back for some fresh updates!

First, you may have noticed the new banner. It was designed by NextGen, one of our affiliates.

Second, new videos have been added. From my side, you’ll find an arrangement of Yoshi’s Island Athletics on guitar, and from Robinhood’s, a very personal adaptation of Zelda Kakariko Village on piano and a very nice performing of a movie soundtrack: The King and the Mocking Bird!

Now my disk issues have been fixed, so there should be more frequent updates on the site. Enjoy your moment in Jumpman and Robinhood’s Domain!


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Spirit Tracks Unleashed, our orchestral performance from Zelda music

Sunday, April 18 2010

Big stuff today in the duets section!

An orchestral performance of Zelda Spirit Tracks trailer theme, arranged and performed by Jumpman and Robinhood on more than 10 instruments at a time!

A must see!


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Mother 3 and Howl’s Moving Castle, by Jumpman

Sunday, April 04 2010

Two new videos from Jumpman have been added.

The first one is an interpretation of the beautiful main theme from Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. It had been a long time since had I decided to record this video, but I had never managed to make a version that satisfied me enough.

The second one is a compilation of two themes from Mother 3, a game I discovered last year and which amazed me a lot.

Enjoy! There is much more and much bigger to come ;)


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We’re back for playing… iPhone music!

Tuesday, January 19 2010

Well, there wasn’t much activity on the website these days… Sorry, but we can’t be in several places at once!

You’ve been waiting for Robinhood’s medley, it’s now available, just as Jumpman’s new Zelda self-duet on guitar and iPhone, recorded some time ago.

Have fun, while waiting… for the next big thing!


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Video Games Live contest has ended

Friday, November 20 2009

Thank you all for your support!

As you may have noticed, Jumpman and Robinhood didn’t manage to be number one at the Video Games Live contest. After a long struggle, they ranked 3rd and 4th respectively at the end. It’s a little disappointment, but it’s still a great performance.

The winner’s video is an amazing adaptation of a Metal Gear Solid theme, in duet on piano and violin. Congratulations to Yumeduo, they are really talented! We wish them good luck for their playing on stage tomorrow, at the Video Games Live concert. Robin and I will be there, of course!

By the way, some new videos should be added soon. In particular, the mind-blowing medley that Robinhood made for the contest will be uploaded onto the website. Keep tuned!

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Vote for Jumpman at Video Games Live contest!

Sunday, October 04 2009

Jumpman needs you!

For his participation to Video Game Live Contest, Jumpman must get as many good marks as possible on his Dailymotion video!

The winner of this contest will perform live at Video Game Live, on november 21st in Paris.

So if you like Jumpman’s videos, vote now! Give him as many stars as he deserves ;)

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Request for proposal: design our website banner

Wednesday, September 23 2009

The site has been online for 2 weeks, and many improvements have been made. But it’s still missing something: a nice banner.

Still, our skills in graphics are not at the same level as our music. We need talented artists, and that’s why we refer to you!

So if you feel talented and you’d like to make our banner, head to the Contact section and send us a message. Your banner will be throned at the summit of all our pages if we like it!

Aim your Photoshops!


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The new version is here!

Monday, September 07 2009

Version 2 of this website is out here at last! We hope you’ll like it.

Everything you loved in version 1 is still here: videos, scores, a few extras… But now they’re all neatly sorted, you need but look in the right place to find them.

Thanks to Quazel and to Touffy for their help in developing the site.

Happy browsing!


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A flood of new stuff

Sunday, April 19 2009

A summary of the latest additions:

  • The making of Toal’s theme video. To be found in the Duets section.
  • The Temple of the Stone Fortress theme from Zelda Majora’s Mask, by Jumpman. Inside the Jumpman > Zelda misc section.
  • My scores booklet for the recorder, including the most famous Mario and Zelda tunes, along some movie soundtrack music. Look up the scores section.
  • A few audio recordings of Robinhood: some casually played Golden Sun and Mario 64. Head to the Robinhood section.


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